act digital

Our clients seek us to accelerate time-to-market, reduce project risks and deliver high-quality solutions.

Our work always builds value for our clients by:

Winning the
digital battle

products & services
for yout teams and

Augmenting your
teams & scaling-up
your talent

Our 10
core Offers

Digital Experience
Strategy & Design, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Content as a Service, Growth .

4.0 Industry & Supply Chain
Smart plant, plant connectivity, logistics, supplychain

Architecture &
Software Development
Agile Development, API management, DevOps Culture, QA.

Business Agility
Agile transforming business and disrupting all enterprise departments and levels

Data & A.I.
Analytics, BI, Machine Learning, predictive analysis.

RPA & Digital Operations
Process analysis, process optimization, artifacts creation, robot programming, continuous improvement, operations

CRM, Enterprise Platforms SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle.

IOT & Advanced Networks
Connectivity, architecture, integration, 5G, NFV, SDN, network deployment

Infra, Cloud and Cybersecurity
Cloud migration, Servers, Cloud Security, Data Privacy.

Product Development & R&D
Electric/electronics, embedded software, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, prototype and testing.